What are stories of people who sacrificed comfort for success?

What are stories of people who sacrificed comfort for success?

Ramlaut Shukla.

He got married to his wife when has was 13 years old. The first time he saw her they got married. MARRIED.

This was in a village in India where at the time there was no formal education, no access to running water, and no electricity in the 1960s. If you visited in 2004 you would see there were still no doors and windows on the houses in the village they grew up in!

In 2004!

They survived as a consequence of subsistence farming.

Ramlaut’s dad died whilst his mother Karora was pregnant with him. He’d had a sister that had already died before him as well. People thought that his mother was a witch and that the baby belonged to no father at all.

It meant they were ostracised in the village that he grew up in.

After marrying Sita; his wife when she was 11 (they had been betrothed from birth, in the day’s Ramlaut’s father was still alive), she then flew back to England and he was not to see her for some years. Ramlaut worked hard with his mum to survive. Sometimes eating once every two days, just doing his best to get by.

Sita came to India at 15 and fell pregnant with Ramlaut’s children. She would give birth to twins at 16 years old, Shanti and Kanti, having already dropped out of school at 14 to become a housewife.

Ramlaut still hadn’t saved enough money from sweeping the floors and all to make it to the UK. But Sita had finally got her British Citizenship and this became Ramlaut’s gateway to boarding a boat for three months to make it to the UK.

Here were parents, with no formal education, British or Indian, living near Heathrow Airport in West London with twins, in the council owned house of Sita’s father.

Ramlaut worked days, Sita worked nights. They both managed 100+ hours EACH per week to support their 5 children.

All of their children were fed, clothed, educated, taken care of and went to university.

Ramlaut still puts in around 50-60 hours a week at Heathrow Airport. His mum has since died.

Sometimes he still catches the bus to work or drives his 20 year old car.

He really did sacrifice any comforts in his life for the success of his children.

I should know.

I’m his son.

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