What are the best answers for "Why should I hire you"?

What are the best answers for “Why should I hire you”?

[To paraphrase a guy I interviewed for a sales role]

Because I intend on being the keenest wolf to hunt in the pack.

I make no mistake upon the arena that I’m entering.

In the modern day men are researched upon the job and the company, socially acclimatized to social politics, the balancing of work with allegiances, alliances and strategic chess playing that compose the ultimate game of getting ahead.

I will do all of that.

But I also intend to stick my head above the parapet . Not in the hopes of winning through brute force, or war of attrition. But through hearts and minds.

I should be hired for this internship not because I’m going to be the most technically, socially, eloquently astute person in the crowd. But because I intend to model myself upon the UFC phenomenon Conor McGregor.

I didn’t come to this interview to take part.

I came to take over.

[He blew my mind.]

transcribed from best answer for why should i hire you?