What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

What are the best ways to earn money while traveling around the world?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Working in a hostel

  2. You can go to Hostelbookers, find all relevant hostels in a city. Go directly to their website and blanket mail them all asking for ‘bed and board’ in exchange for working in the hostel. Cleaning/Cooking/Marketing/Reception you name it. I see this happen alot

  3. Teaching English abroad

  4. Arrive into a city/town. Find out who all of the agencies are. Go and talk to them (espec. if you’re a native speaker). You’ll find work

  5. Freelancing as an English teacher

  6. Same gig as above but getting private clients via local classified ads sites. Approaching language schools. Via the hostels

  7. Local bars/restaurants/cafe’s

  8. Hand out CVs etc. You get the idea

  9. Street buskers/Peddlers/Vendors etc

  10. Make jewellery. Play an instrument. Find the $1 a day hostel underworld (squats with beds basically). Sell on the street. Doing drugs as well most likely is a requirement

  11. Remote jobs (broad)

  12. Work-in-startups. Blogging, journalling etc

  13. Save and spend

  14. Work in a nice job. Earn in one currency (e.g. £. Spend in another e.g. Rupees)

  15. Online marketing

  16. Write an E-Book (about backpacking? or something you are talented in)

  17. Build a popular blog and then work with Google Ads

  18. Build a following somewhere (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest - then get paid to post)

  19. Become a commissioned writer

  20. I left this till left because all of this is hard

  21. Borrow Money

  22. I don’t advise this. Unless it’s your folks and ‘borrow’ means ‘gift’ lol

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