What are the biggest facepalm moments you have ever experienced?

What are the biggest face palm moments you have ever experienced?

Can I opt for multiple?


  • Leaving the house and when I’m slightly too far away to turn back - realising I need to take a sh*t
  • Going running and having exactly the same thing happening on pavements and sidestreets and URGENTLY searching for the nearest enclosed spot to drop my pants and relieve myself
  • Going out to Central London and realising 5 minute outside a club I left my ID at home
  • Being on a football pitch and searching for the ball only to have it bounce from high up next to you
  • Going to get a tattoo on my thigh and realising I wore a tracksuit and no boxer shots. Then using my scarf like a nappy to get the tattoo
  • Lining up to start the swim section of my first Olympic Triathlon NOT wearing a wetsuit because I thought it would be heavy and so slow me down
  • Taking a girl’s name in a nightclub and saying ‘don’t worry I’ll find you on Facebook’ - only not to find it
  • Deleting a girl’s number because she hasn’t call you back yet. Then regretting it and trying to find it in your call history
  • Going to the gym and forgetting to take a towel/spare boxer shorts and either ‘air drying’ or going ‘pantless’ in your suit. Not pleasant
  • Asking a girl her name twice. And still forgetting it - and then with the third time comes the end of the conversation

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