What businesses are easiest to start?

I want to start my own business. What businesses are the easiest to start?

Blogs, Apps, Products, Luxury Products, Startups. All take time.

Look at recession proof SERVICES that will stand the test of time.


Service based business are IMMEDIATELY revenue generating


  1. Make a simple flyer offering window cleaning services

  2. Flyer ‘drop’ around the area for as long as you need to

  3. Once you get 1/2 phone calls. Clean said windows

  4. Do a DAMN good job. Also smile. Make them laugh maybe

  5. Referrals will take time. Keep flyering

  6. Maybe an advert online

  7. Maybe an advert in your local newspaper

  8. More clients come in

  9. More windows to clean

  10. Hire a window cleaner

  11. You find the jobs. You take a cut for this

  12. e.g. $15 USD per window. You keep $3

  13. Keep finding jobs

  14. Reinvest profits into marketing/products/improved service offering

  15. Find a second window cleaner…

You get the idea.

  1. Insert ANY SERVICE YOU LIKE where it reads ‘window cleaner’.

  2. If it’s going strong. You can move it online…then it meets the annoying ‘it has to be sexy criteria’ which keeps most people broke

transcribed from easy to start businesses