What confuses you?

What confuses you in regards to aspects of life?

  • The opposite sex
    • Let me say that again. The opposite sex
  • Knowing how to give someone 'advice on life’
    • Where the hell do you start?
  • Parents swearing at children in public
    • How does that help?
  • Stereo systems more expensive than the car itself
    • And hearing them from down the road
  • Chavs’ wearing expensive jewellery
    • Save the money. Buy it on clothes
  • Being rude to waiters before your food is served
    • Why would ANYONE do that?
  • PMT - male and female
    • I always forget about this and blame an issue on something ‘logical’
  • Empathy and Sympathy
    • Now and again I don’t feel either of these. I have problems faking it
  • Racism
    • Judge a man by his contributions to the world. Not his colour/creed/background
  • Cricket
    • I’m Indian. I’m British-raised. God I don’t understand how anyone can like that sport. Causes more than a few arguments
  • Twilight
    • C’mon. Really?

transcribed from what confuses you