What does it feel like to go from physically attractive to unattractive?

What does it feel like to go from physically attractive to unattractive?

Life is harder.

  • Women are more impatient with you
    • When trying to chat them up - I’ve noticed the difference
  • Friends say ‘you should cut your hair’
  • It’s harder to date
  • You need a thicker skin
  • Attractive people definitely get more breaks
  • Being Indian and having a beard people invariably say you look a little ‘terrifying’
  • People make negative associations about who you are

I sh*t you not:

These are all me over the ages.

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From top left to right:

  1. People assume I’m North African/Mixed Race/Arabic and generally seem to say it in a positive light
  2. People assume I’m an Indian National living in England rather than a British Indian
  3. People are scared of me. My friends said I look like I’ve got Leukemia
  4. I have got stopped and searched and ‘randomly checked’ at airports looking like this
  5. Hippies like me
  6. People see the body and say I look like I keep in shape (I did then haha!) Everything is easier slightly. I’m afforded respect

The upside of changing your hair alot:

  • It makes me realise I don’t give two sh*ts about what people think
  • It’s a useful filter to see how superficial people are
  • It makes things harder - this leads to development because it’s not like I stop ‘trying’.

However you need to be thick skinned. And then you can do what makes you happy.

As you should. Forever and always !

Currently I look like this:


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transcribed from going from physically attractive to unattractive