What does it feel like to think you're physically attractive, yet have poor success with dating?

What does it feel like to think you’re physically attractive, yet have poor success with dating?

I’m going to wade in with some controversy:

So I have white/black/brown (like myself) friends. I’m 29 and from London, England and I’m of Indian descent. I’m 187cm. I do alot of sport. (Ok relevant details sorted)

I consider myself physically attractive.

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Clearly I could be wrong haha. I suppose I should show a picture:

So historically my mates and I have compared our matches on Tinder (We all do it lol, men and women) alongside the women we have chatted up/to in bars and all.

Being British Indian is a real PAIN in the arse if you’re interested in dating Non-Indian women. Which makes dating doubly difficult

The reasons why:

  • Apu from the Simpsons is considered the archetypal Indian
    • Moustache
    • Runs a cornershop
    • Religious
    • Wants his kids married within the same culture/religion
    • Doesn’t epitomise anything romantic/sexual
    • Will be an accountant, docter or lawyer
    • Only dates Indians

So what does this mean in real terms for me, dating:

  • I get a disproportionate amount of Indian women matching with me
  • People say the word ‘Deepak’ and immediately have negative ‘romantic stereotypes’ that spring to mind
  • (I wish I could show you my matches but I’d clearly be breaking some kind of privacy laws lol)
  • When I approach a ‘non-indian’ woman at a bar/cafe/restaurant I always feel they have slightly less time for me

I remember telling some guys I was ‘partying away’ in Thailand with. We were in Chang Mai and I said:

‘Thai ladies have no interest in me because they see an Indian man and don’t think of me as having money/sexual interest and variety’

They said; in short:

‘B*llocks mate!’

And so we ran an experiment. Instead of staying in the middle of the group whilst we walked as I had done one evening (down a street with bars on either side); I opted to stay on one of the ends.

Girls would come to us and grab us and lure us into their bar.

‘Haaaapppy hour baby! Where are you from?’.

So. As we discovered. The girls would literally brush past me and approach my white friends. It was so nice watching my mates eat their words!

So yes. This makes dating a little problematic (I also like Indian women, but that doesn’t serve the purpose of this post haha).

It just means of course ‘I need to talk good’ Lol. Which is always good fun!

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