What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

I aspire to own and start my own business. What does it really take though?

A large dose of stupidity

  • You will statistically without a doubt fail.
    • I did around 3/4 times
  • You will land yourself in debt - personal or credit card debt
    • I got to about $15k in debt w/no biz
  • You will have tons of self doubt, insecurity
    • Not cool being 26 and living at home with no income
  • You’ll end up back at your mum’s a couple times (I’ve done that 3x)
    • Hey mum I’m back…
  • Women will fear you as a brilliant person who has NONE of the markers of stability
    • Yup I’ve got told this a couple of times

I once had to give an investor $15k USD because I stupidly agreed to give him a 100% return regardless of the success of the business.

However, there’s an upside.

Get past all of those things.

Nothing will stop you

And honestly, I have it easy.

transcribed from what it takes to be an entrepreneur