What is a good field to get into when starting with no experience?

Changing field of work or study can be a daunting task at times. If I want to join a field with no experience related to it, what do you feel a good field would be?

Get into the field of 'doing stuff’

Even people with LOTS of:

  • Work experience
  • Money
  • Connections


  • Lazy
  • Afraid
  • Lazy again

And engage in:

  • Mutual masturbation
    • high fiving each other
    • having ‘blue sky thinking’
    • talking about multiple revenue streams,
    • refusing to do ANYTHING but 'the next instagram

Don’t let ego, pride and comfort kill you.

Make your lack of resources your weapon. Stay hungry. Go out and try things. Even simple things. See where the road takes you And in doing so you have a chance of becoming successful.

Taken from a good field to get into.