What is it like to have parents who are not as intelligent as you?

What is it like to have parents who are not as intelligent as you?


  • I went to Warwick University which was top 5 in the UK at the time.
  • I studied English literature at the time Warwick was by some considered the best place in the world to learn of Shakespeare because of Jonathon Bate - the world’s foremost academic on this subject .

My Mum

  • My mum left school at 14. Was a housewife from 15
  • She still asks me how to spell words such as ‘Arun’ (my nephew’s name), chilli (when she writes out her shopping list),
  • I’ll order things of Ebay and Amazon for her
  • Beyond 10 years old my mum wasn’t able to help me with any school work

The reality

My mum has proven herself to be right with the most of the big things in my life.

  • ’Deepak you need to sort out your temper - no women will stand you cussing’. She predicted this 2/3 years before this became a problem. Cue CBT for anger management
  • ’Deepak you need to find stability in your life if you’re to find a meaningful relationship.’ After a decade spent travelling the world and living a life of adventure I find in my relationships my mother was right. This was predicted 4/5 years before I became aware of it
  • ’I will not spoil you - make your own money if you want to do something’. I spent some of my teenage years being resentful. Now at 29 I’m so thankful for this because my last 6 years of working for myself came from my mother’s resilience she built in me

To conclude

My mum is not as ‘intelligent’ as me. But god-damn she was right about ALL of the important stuff. With her. I’m the stupid one. Time has proven that.

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