What is it that no one tells you about quitting your job and travelling the world?

What is it that no one tells you about quitting your job and travelling the world?

How about this:

  • Thailand - In Ko Pha Ngan I was beaten up by Thai taxi drivers
  • Thailand - In Bangkok I had my digital camera pick-pocketed in a club 6 hours after buying it
  • Venezuela - In Caracas I was held at gunpoint in a van by police officers Deepak Shukla’s answer to Hypothetical Scenarios: If you were ever held at gunpoint, what would you say to the gunman? - see here
  • Venezuela - In Caracas I stayed in a brothel first night as it was the only place still open ‘for customers’
  • Kosovo - In Prishtina I was extorted by a cab driver as he took me to the only hostel open at 11pm at night. This was after being smuggled across the border from Serbia. I was alone. I was just 18.
  • India - In Goa a man that befriended me in a resort then stole my camera and all my money when I went to buy a bus ticket to Poona. When I got back to the hotel he had fled
  • India - In Delhi I paid off a police officer $150 USD after he detained me when he realised I was English and saw £££ sign’s
  • Brazil -In Rio I tried to withdraw £300 x 2 from the ATM. I never received the money but the bank ‘registered the transaction’
  • Bolivia - The Border - I tried to bribe a border official with $20 USD to let me cross the border with my out of date visa. My Swiss friend and I were removed from the bus we were on, had passports taken away and were locked in a room. That’s when it at all started getting hairy. Let’s just say I’m not allowed to go to Bolivia again
  • Colombia - In Cartegena a couple and I were held at knife point in exchange for cash. We ran
  • Italy - In Turin - I had my backpack with my Macbook Pro, Ipad Air and Kindle stolen whilst I was checking in to go to London. I didn’t get on the plane
  • South Africa - In Johannesburg - I missed my connecting flight to Doha because I was having Indian and watching a YouTube documentary. Paid $900 USD for a direct flight to London
  • Slovakia - In Bratislava I turned up at a pub drunk with 10 other people form my hostel. I was going to walk in when the 20ish shaven headed caucasian males wearing the same shirts and boots looked at me and smiled quietly. ‘You should not go in’. I did not
  • Australia - Somewhere along East Coast: Stopped off in some god forsaken town and missed my ‘out of town bus’. Had to sleep on a bench at a 24 hour petrol station awaiting the next one
  • New Zealand - Somewhere on South Island - The camper van we were driving in broke down in some remote village. The locals had never seen a British Indian. They let me know it
  • (I could continue). If you want me to write it in the comments :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll continue:

  • Prishtina - Kosovo : Being bundled across the border at midnight in an empty coach - I was the ONLY person going from Serbia to Kosovo. Then upon arrival being asked ‘why are you here?’
  • Argentina - Buenos Aires: Settling in at the hostel (during the World Cup) only to have a man who’d been attacked come in - and then telling us of his friend who had been hit with a motorbike helmet. Cue us in a taxi driving around all night searching for him
  • Barcelona - Spain : Missing my check in for my ‘stow-away’ luggage after flying in just to get a tattoo. Then deciding to go and live in Lausanne instead of Amsterdam as my mate was there. I got on a plane 4 hours later

But would I do it again?

Travel that is…


transcribed from quitting your job and travelling the world