What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of?

I have someone in my family (she’s like a sister to me) (let’s call her Amy) whose has had a hard time in life.

Her auntie, my cousin was murdered last year in June. It was a violent death that bought our family to it’s knees. It was actually her 35th birthday a few days ago. So, Amy turned 18 recently. Her mother borrowed Amy’s birthday money so she could buy marajuana from her dealer. Amy cried.

She’s from a single parent family, has lived in 10 different government houses already and has an estranged father who want’s nothing to do with her; and used to beat her mother when she was younger.

Amy cuts herself regularly and tried to commit suicide more than once. She sees 3 different therapists at the moment. I’m crying writing about this because I love her so much. I’ve known darkness (but not like hers), felt tears (not in the way she has), and understand what it is to feel alone (but not in the way that she is.

So people offer help in our family (as you’d expect), but of course, her family is turbulent and everyone has their own lives. So people come in (as many of us do and I’m sad to say I’ve done it), offer their sympathy or part time support. And then they’re gone again.

There has never been anyone who…stood the test of time you know?

So what I’m actually just proud of is that I’m there for her. I’m not qualified to help with her issues of self-harm/self-worth. But I am qualified to make her laugh and smile and to just be around! :slight_smile: So day in and day out we message each other, every week we see each other and she has grown to call me ‘brother’.

She also did her first ever holiday alone. She flew to Amsterdam to see me; and she said it’s been the first time in a long time she didn’t smoke at all.


I love her. She is like a sister to me.

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I remember sitting down to talk to my therapist. I was living in Amsterdam during the summer of June 2015.

I was in tears and angry about a relationship breakdown I was going through. A torn rotator-cuff meant I couldn’t train and do ANY sorts as I have always used to combat my own inner demons. And I turned 29; and I was alone.

I remember clearly what she said to me:

’Don’t worry Deepak. Pain is our greatest teacher and life will show you the way. Go out there and do things. And the rest will fall into place’.

So I:

  • Started writing a book (Wrote 10k words)
  • Continued with weekly therapy for 6 more weeks
  • Did the ‘Dam to Dam’ 10 mile run
  • Got out and dated
  • Resumed Thai Kickboxing

She didn’t lie. It worked.

The best advice to move you from where you ARE to where you want to be - is almost ALWAYS. DO STUFF.

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