What is one piece of advice you are glad you ignored?

What is one piece of advice you are glad you ignored?

At 18, 19, 20 (and still now sometimes):

"You should just date Indian girls Deepak. I think with your culture and personality it would be the best fit. She can cook Indian food for you as well!"

Girlfriend No 1:

British-Nigerian (7 Months)

She taught me I was possessive and obsessive and it WASN’T cool

Girlfriend No 2:

French-Ghanaian (2.5 years)

She taught me about French & Ghanaian culture, that the world is beautiful, and so is France

Also how to cope with jealousy (she lingerie modelled part time)

Then I finally learnt what good food really is

Girlfriend No 3:

Spanish (3 months)

She showed me what ‘por la buena vida’ meant, the culture of drinking on the streets, of beaches, sunshine, being in the moment and how to really show affection

Also. Spanish families are damn cool

For my advice upon dating head here

Girlfriend No 4:

British-Jamaican: (9 months)

She showed me what fierceness and passion is

I also learnt of Carribean culture and their food (amazing)

If you’ve ever wandered what a completely mixed family looked like (they were literally all the colours you can think of - WICKED family photos). This is it

Girlfriend No 5:

Italian: (3 years)

I learnt about Italian food, love and romance and what being an affectionate partner actually means

Also I realised I can’t cook like I thought I could

Girlfriend No 6:


I still haven’t found her yet - but wherever she is (Indian or otherwise)

I hope I’ll also call her my wife at some stage :stuck_out_tongue:


Update. It seems that people are interested in knowing more of my adventures:

Women I’ve dated

(not full blown relationships but as a minimum several dates):

British-English (2 months)

I learnt of wonderful English wit, and humour and why it exports so well. I actually have a post about her here.

Dutch-Macedonian (3/4 months)

Two holidays to Amsterdam (me) and then her to London. She taught of spirituality, truly being in the moment - and an interesting Dutch migrant story

Singaporean (4 months)

We did business together as well as romance. She showed me of quiet appreciation. Of Singaporean food and of self reliance and sweet nature.

transcribed from gladly ignored advice