What is the best response to "why should I hire you?"

I have a job interview coming up and I feel like I always slip up at this question. What is the best response to “why should I hire you?”

  1. Intertwine company values with your character

  2. ‘We look for natural leaders’ ‘our mission is co-operative collaboration’ ‘we pride ourselves in providing ingenious solutions to common problems’

  3. Relate their values to your characteristics backed up with real life examples

  4. Relate company roots/office with something in your personal/family geography

  5. French company - you have french relatives

  6. Expanding into UAE - you have a fascination with Dubai

  7. Underline your indicator of success that correlate with job description

  8. We require ‘driven’ ‘motivated individuals’

  9. Well I have no completed my third marathon having come back from injury as I was so driven…

  10. Highlight where you think the company is expanding into/their 10 year plan and where you see your longer-term contribution

  11. I see that the real estate utility market in UAE with their particular geographic peculiarities present a…

  12. This is something I am excited to contribute to in the future as I’m keenly away of ‘X technology’ coming into play…

Aim to do 2-4 of these in interview :slight_smile:

transcribed from “Why should I hire you?”