What is the most ridiculous thing that you have ever convinced someone to believe?

What is the most ridiculous thing that you have ever convinced someone to believe?

I was sitting in a restaurant one summer’s evening in the Algarve; South Portugal. I had been living in Lisbon and subsequent to finishing an Ultramarathon, some friends flow out to holiday with me for a week and enjoy the sunshine.

This is us having some seafood for lunch.

So if you’ve ever been to Portugal you know that they have this penchant for basically, selling you cr*ppy drugs on the streets of…every major city it felt like. Certainly in Lisbon I was being harangued continually.

Ironically I’ve never even smoked a cigarette in my life let alone drugs.

So the same evening in April 2014 we’re hammering drinks in a restaurant:

Downing an interesting local concocction.

We then sit outside on the warm streets on some chairs when a man wanders over for the third time asking if we ‘need something’.


Him :‘I got hash, shisha, cok-a anything you want!’.

I paused.

Me: ‘Anything I want?’

Him: ‘Yeh man’

Me: ’ Ok’

I nodded my head and looked searchingly into the distance as I was about to make a request; really thinking about it.

Me: ‘Daal.’

Him: 'Huh? Da-al? What is this man?

Me: 'Daaaaaal!

Him : ‘Sorry man say again?’

Me : ‘Daal - don’t you know it - it’s all the rage in London people have it all the time’

My friends were doing their best not to sh*t their pants they were suppressing near violent laughter.

Him ‘Ok ok man. I get some daal for you - I come back’

He left and my friends erupted into an avalanche of laughter. I almost fell off my chair.

My friend: ‘Dude that’s f*cking hilarious’ Marten chimed in.

Some minutes later as we continued downing more drinks; the dealer came back with a friend.

He looked angry. We looked amused. The new guy had a giant black bag with him.

Me : ‘Woah dude that’s a lot of daal man!’

New dealer : ‘You think we’re stupid dude? You want daal?! Do you know what you’re saying?’

Me : Ok ok. I’m really sorry man I was just having a joke.

Me: What about some saag aloo?

He took a step forward. And we all ran. Howling with laughter down the street.

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