What is the perfect Start-Up team?

Start-ups can offer a unique job opportunity. Whether this is joining a start-up or founding one, what do you feel is the perfect start-up team?

Start alone.

Build as much as you can by yourself.

  • Business Plan (1 pager)
  • Potential Costs (Laid out in a simple excel spreadsheet)
  • Understands your own skill set (Operations, Sales or Tech - take a personality test as well - Free personality test, type descriptions, relationship and career advice)
  • Do as MUCH as you can alone. Whether that’s:
    • A simple website (to showcase what the company would do)
    • Facebook Like page/Social Media Shopfront of somekind
  • Even try and make some sales
  • It can go on…

Do this until you reach a roadblock.

Then go and find those other one/two people.

Why do it this way?

Because who wants to work with someone who has created nothing but just words?

The perfect startup team can be TWO or THREE people with those skills listed (in some degree of convergence). But the reality is - much like marriage:

  • People make EMOTIONAL decisions upfront and start with a friend
  • People make IRRATIONAL decisions upfront and start with someone who can do exactly what you do
  • People DON’T build the resourcefulness and resilience they need to go and actually succeed. Which is developed by STARTING alone

You DON’T need you. And to attract the best people.
Have something worth talking about when looking for your partner.
Don’t be just yet another IDEAS guy…

As taken from the perfect startup team