What is the worthier lifelong goal: to be happy or to be successful?

What is the worthier lifelong goal: to be happy or to be successful?

What is this nonsense that implies you cannot be BOTH happy AND successful ?

It reminds me of those cliched moments in Bollywood movies where the shunned father demands to his daughter that’s dating the boy from another religion:

‘It’s either your boyfriend or the family - you can’t have both’.

Happiness and Success are contingent upon each other. Some might argue that they are even the same thing. Of course there are:

‘Different kinds of happiness & different kinds of success’.

But when you FEEL successful you are generally happy as well.

  • The multimillion $ man gets lonely if he doesn’t have a queen to share his kingdom with
  • The happy pauper with his loving wife really wishes he could take her on the holidays she deserves sometimes

Are EITHER really that HAPPY?

No. They have moments of happiness.

Because the reality is:

  • Paradise is pointless if you have no-one to share it with
  • Being happy and broke quickly loses it’s appeal when you eat Wal-Mart value food every morning

Forget the ‘snapshot’ of what happiness and success are. You need both in proportion to feel either of them fully in your ‘day to day’ experiences of life. Which are:

  • Going out with your family for dinner and not worrying about money. Only what meal you will eat. And feeling loved and happy
  • On holiday with your friends and deciding what activities you will be doing by the beach tomorrow aside from drinking
  • Coming home after a long ‘successful’ day in private equity into the arms of your love

We all need both things in our lives.

transcribed from being happy or successful