What is your story from being miserable to becoming a valuable person?

What is your story from being miserable to becoming a valuable person?

I had two recording studios in West London. ‘Deep Impakt Recordings’ (DIR).

It was 2010 and the studio’s were amongst the fastest growing in London. I had 200+ clients; getting phone calls from Germany, the USA and across the UK.

I had more and more clients coming to the studio’s ‘The Blue Room and The Red Room’.

I would also have days where I’d spend up to 2/3 hours crying. Spending time around drug dealing rappers who had little interest in my well-being up to 10 hours per day was taking it’s toll on me.

It was a side to building a ‘rap studio’ I had never considered. The impact of being around such people on a daily basis would have upon me.

Professionally the studio was going very well. Personally I was spiraling.

Things came to a head when I begun to become more and more absent from the studio’s. I moved from being massively pro-active as I was accustomed to - to reactive.

The Red Room and The Blue Room of DIR eventually broke down as I did in advance of it.

This was the beginning of a journey of becoming stronger than I had ever been. I launched and developed this studio alone fresh out of Deloitte. So coping with a new business, working alone, alongside the instability as well as a relationship that was failing was a terrible thing.

Whether I became valuable is not something I’m clear on - but I do know that in moments of abject pain and darkness you can find the strongest light.

I’m thankful for the breakdown of my business and my life because it felt like I became a phoenix that as a consequence rose from the ashes.

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