What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

What it is like to quit your job and travel the world?

What was I doing:

I was 22 years old: I quit Mediaedge CIA (An Advertising Agency) to then go and travel the world. I was in a graduate scheme that didn’t satisfy me, and I was anxious for adventure.

Where did I go?

South America had always fascinated me and so I thought ‘well Deepak you’ve just finished university and have started a graduate job that you aren’t particularly passionate about. Now is the best time to step out and do something’

What did I do?

  • I travelled 10,000km+ OVERLAND on buses from Caracas, Venezuela to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    • I went to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina
  • I saw the Amazon; Trekked in Colombia; Caught Baby Alligators in Venezuela; Rode horses across volcanoes in Peru; Saw the Galapagos Islands; The Inca Trail; Iguazu Falls; The Salt Flats; The Nazca Lines; got banned from Bolivia, held at gunpoint on a border and a lot more
  • I learn Spanish whilst travelling and was able to hold 15-20 minute conversations by the journey’s end
  • I travelled solo

How was it?

  • Mind-blowing; it lives up to the cliche ‘word’s can’t describe’
  • I think back to it and it reminds me of the ‘in-love’ feeling that people seek so desperately
  • I met, travelled, lived and learnt of places very far from my home and saw a different way of life

Overall thoughts:

You should do it. Cast aside doubts that you have and make the first big leap. Book the ticket and the rest will fall into place.

Life is not a ‘dry run’. This is probably the only flight and shot at ‘experience’ we’ll have. Take it with both hands.

Regret remains the prison of those who never dared take the risk in their life.

Don’t let it be yours.

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