What lessons can people learn from your life?

What lessons can people learn from your life?

Be more prolific than the other guy. And learn so much faster. Because you will also f*ck up that much faster:

At age 29:

  • I’ve dumped
  • I’ve been dumped
  • I’ve cheated
  • I’ve been cheated on
  • I’ve had 20+ jobs
  • I’ve made $22k USD in one month
  • I’ve had to borrow money from my pops another month
  • I’ve raised investment 2x for startups
  • I’ve run 18 marathons (messed up multiple, done ok in a couple)
  • I’ve lived in 7 countries
  • I’ve been depressed
  • I’ve been wildly happy

So this list can continue. Forget about boastfulness it is not my point.

What can you learn from my life?

DO STUFF. And do it much faster than anyone tells you you should do it.

It’s the fastest and most effective form of learning there is.

As my therapist told me once when I was depressed.

‘Don’t worry Deepak. Go out and do things. Life will show you the way. Experience and Pain are our greatest teachers.’

She didn’t lie.

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