What makes something more shareable or go viral?

I want to make posts with good, shareable content. What makes content highly shareable and/or go viral?

When everyone goes ‘left’ go 'right’


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Notice everyone chooses to write about famous people in answer to this question.

I choose to write about my DAD

Comparative stats:

245k views Vs 134.9k views

12k upvotes Vs 5.8k upvotes

Written Dec 1st 2015 Vs Jan 18th 2016

When you write something profound/original/from a different angle. If it’s genuinely insightful - you will get noticed.

This one answer got into the Quora digest 3 TIMES

Craft a message for your audience!

I’m Indian. Quora has a SIGNIFICANT user base that is Indian >

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My story was about my dad…an Indian.

Start and Finish Strong. The middle is sometimes forgotten:



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transcribed from shareable or viral content