What modifications should I make in my resume?

What modifications should I make in my resume?

I like this one:

http://img.daksh.me/Resume-Table… - visually it appeals more. Less prose and more bullet points so it’s easier to read. Easier to read ALWAYS wins. Humans are lazy.

Some issues:

  • In the UK we put address. USA also does - relevant?
  • Grades/Predicted Grades for your latest S.V work
  • Do I really care about every module you studied?
  • As a Campus Ambassador you’ve got 10+ registrations in a year. Sounds terribly low - give context or don’t put it in at all
  • 500+ within 2 months - what about the other 10 months?
  • Work Experience and Projects would benefit from being combined - I just notice 2014 you did nothing in ‘work experience’
  • How is Daksh blog specifically different from Wordpress/Tumblr?
  • Is Basic knowledge of lang/tech really necessary
  • What about roundedness - do you JUST code and work. No sports/outside interests?

This is upon first look. Hope it helps!

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