What questions should entrepreneurs ask themselves before launching a product?

I want to own my own business and be an entrepreneur. What are some questions I should ask myself before starting?

There is one simple rule/process that 90% of people (including myself) miss with this.

  • How do you know if anyone will actually buy your product?

[Insert multiple long-winded convoluted answers as to why IT WILL WORK and all the market research you’ve done or what your aunty or mate said about it]



  • Have you made any PRE-SALES?

This is the simplest acid test there is.

So before you launch a product and give me a million reasons why it will work.

Provide the ONE unquestionable piece of evidence that it will.

Trust me after that, life gets so much easier convincing friends, investors, other potential buyers - that your product is worth it.

transcribed from questions to ask myself before becoming an entrepreneur