What should I do about employees challenging me?

If I am the CEO of a company, then I want to be the one making the calls and calling the shots. What do I do if those under me challenge my choices?

Don’t STOP THEM from challenging you - just narrow the audience.

One of the things that Jeff Besos does is he’ll email ahead all of the details of the meeting and proposed arguments ahead of schedule and expect everyone to already know EXACTLY what will be discussed.

This allows everyone to be clear on what’s happening. This will help them articulate their thoughts more constructively one hopes.

However. If this fails. Take the ‘if-then’ approach

  1. Ask other employees to respond to their challenges with their own thoughts

a: If the two programmers recognise their thinking is NOT in line with general company thought it SHOULD prompt them to 'curb/change their thoughts

  1. If this fails then: Ask the programmers to share their thoughts ahead of the meeting in a quick ‘30 second’ F2F on the fly

a. So you can deal with it privately

  1. If this fails then: Politely tell them to wait until all thoughts have been considered in the meeting to then give theirs - as they will learn more about the company
  2. If this fails then: Ask them to not attend these meetings and ‘mail’ or ‘approach direct’ with thoughts
  3. If this fails then: Consider their position in the company

Hopefully the ‘JB’ approach or 1 & 2 will work without the need for 3,4,5 :slight_smile:

transcribed from What if employees challenge my strategy