What should I do to have you as my mentor for life?

What should I do to have you Deepak Shukla as my mentor for life?

Hi folks,

Brandon answered this very comprehensively :slight_smile:

I can’t do a better job, other than repeat what he has said here.

People do approach me on every forum for advice. I’d love to help everyone. But of course that’s why I’m aggressively answering questions here on Quora :slight_smile:

For the personal reach out:

  1. Please do give me examples of things you have read (from what I’ve written) and show me that you’ve implemented it
  2. Then come to me with issues that you now encounter

The reality is also - randomness sometimes work and I do respond as best as I can. Ultimately though I hope that listed on my profile and the 900+ questions I’ve answered help you as much as possible.

If you need more. Help me notice you amongst the storm of comments I receive :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone regardless for choosing to take an interest. I’m just a regular guy, trying to do extraordinary things with my life :slight_smile:

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transcribed from Deepak Shukla as my mentor for life