What should you do in your 20s to avoid regrets in your 30s and 40s?

As someone in their 20s, life has its ups and downs and is also full of great opportunity. What would you recommend someone doing in their 20s to avoid regrets in their 30s and 40s?

  • Live
    • Responsibilities only mount as you get older. Whatever titillating fancies you have. Act them out. It’s much harder at 29 than it is at 21
  • Exercise. And I don’t just mean a damn gentle jog
    • I’m pretty fit. I’ve run 18 marathons. And even now I see my body changing. I just can’t eat the same amount of junk as I did at 21
  • If in doubt - ask the guy/girl out
    • Don’t spend time thinking about ‘what if’, ‘I wish I’. You never know if that woman/man could be the one you marry. Relationships really can be as random as that
  • Don’t worry about money/your career so much
    • We are living longer. Healthier. Everyone frets about their latest ‘401k’ or whatever. The world is beautiful, go away and explore. Do the things you dream of
  • Endurance/Sports/Other events
    • Marathons, 10k, Triathlon, Tough Mudder, Crossfit, Amateur Soccer. Whatever it is. Do it now. You’ve got the body and RECOVERY time for it
  • Find a way to make money in the pockets of your life
    • Relying upon one revenue stream (salaried income) won’t help you travel, party or otherwise. Teach English, get comfortable with bar jobs or find something so you can live in Cancun and party for a summer
  • Make reading a habit
    • People, Quora, your coach will ultimately be seasons in your lives. Reading should never be. Get used to reading up on anything you wish to do
  • Try and be the best at whatever you do
    • Since you’re going to dedicate yourself to Scuba Diving, Snowboarding, Backpacking or trying to start an App company. Since you’re there. Be the best
  • Read up on Relationships, Sex Romance and Love
    • My god I wish I did this at 20. No one teaches you this. You just learn from mistakes. Why do that? Start with some books
  • Get used to asking questions
    • No one knows all the answers, they just pretend they do. Overcome your pride and ask ‘stupid’ question away
  • Toughen up
    • Emotionally, as well as physically actually. Do things that cause you pain. Trust me. It helps

Taken from what i should do in my 20s …