What universities should I apply to with a GRE 314 and Toefl 110?

What universities should I apply to with a GRE 314 and Toefl 110? I want to apply for masters in CS. My detailed profile: GRE: 314 AWA: 3.5 Toefl: 110 CGPA: 8.74 BTech in IT from NIT

The obvious stuff:

  • Apply to all of those you meet the qualifying criteria for and then those JUST outside of your reach
  • Whittle your list down to a top 5 and apply in reverse order starting with your least favoured option first - with each application you will improve
  • Contrary to what you might ‘feel’ quality is more important than quantity - so apply ‘less’ but think 'more - but if you must apply to a whole load - just expand that list to some ‘throwaway’ places where you can make your mistakes

Now the non-obvious stuff:

I presume you’re asking this because your grades don’t fall within the range of your favoured places otherwise this question would be redundant. So my solution:

  • Build your non-academic skill set or add more academic skills:
    • A coursera course
    • An excel course
    • Some short course that’ll make you more technically proficient
    • A research project at university/otherwise
  • Non academic:
    • Research experience with a company
    • Industry experience
    • Some extraordinarily interesting personal pursuit (bouldering, competitive chess, pottery)

Be excellent or be interesting but preferably both. Humans hire humans. If you’re a skiller potter and have made 9 vases for your clients - god I’d find that fascinating. That’s how bias works :slight_smile:

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