What was the worst date you've ever been on?

What was the worst date you’ve ever been on?

I’m sitting at dinner with a girl who I’m on a date with from Tinder.

Let’s call her Mary.

So we meet up to have a coffee and then as it’s around 6.30pm-ish we head out to get some dinner. Seafood is the place we pick - and since it’s not yet 7 and we’re around Shoreditch, London - most places are fairly quiet.

We are sitting chit chatting and getting to know each other - all the usual things to be expected from a first date.

I have a good ‘run’ of 5 minutes where I really get her laughing. We’re one of only 4 people (another couple) in the restaurant and the music they play is relatively low so you can pretty much hear everything everyone is saying.

She let’s out a loud giggle as

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