What was your most embarrassing airport/airplane experience?

What was your most embarrassing airport/airplane experience?

I’m 18 years old I’m flying from Fiji>USA on Singapore Airlines.

I was backpacking for a 6 month trip so after slumming it out living in a local joint in Fiji I was happy to be on a premier airline.

So an air hostess comes over to ask me if I want any refreshments. I tell her could I have an extra pillow in fact.

She comes down to look at me eye to eye - stops pauses and says ‘you have an amazing accent’. Smiles slightly and then wonder’s off in search of a pillow.

Everyone on my row noticed this.

I’m like MAN!

Already I’m ‘plane-dreaming’ or being naughty in the toilet, joining the mile high club and all other ‘18 year old’ thoughts that follow. Bless me, by this stage as a late bloomer I’d barely lost my virginity.

(With a lovely 28 year old Irish lady called Sinead in a caravan in a trailer part in Australia - but that’s another story :wink: )

Jokes between the little troop of listeners start rolling. And I’m leading the charge

So the pillow gets bought back over and she pauses to talk to me for a couple minutes. English isn’t her native language but she seems to have a good handle upon it naturally.

Everyone across from me is listening.

The plane is packed and I’m on an aisle seat.

She leant over ‘So where in the States are you from?’.

ME: ‘Oh’. I’m actually from London, England’.

She grimaced

HER: ‘London?!’ Oh;

She briskly turned away and I never saw her again

I turned. The guys next to me were already in hysterics.

‘Who knew - being from London would f*ck you over?!’


I’ll always wonder. What happened to her in London :slight_smile:

transcribed from embarrassing airplane experience