What's the interview process with Alex Karp like?

What’s the interview process with Alex Karp like?

I googled this. This is what I got:

  • Companies typically look for well-rounded people. They want an A-plus in every category.
  • We tend to think it’s better to have an A-triple-plus in one area, which presupposes an F in other areas.
  • So maybe we end up with someone who solves problems very creatively but can’t interact with people.
  • We look for people within uneven IQs, then we build a role around their strengths.
  • I like to meet candidates with no data about them : no résumé, no preliminary discussions or job description, just the candidate and me in a room.
  • I ask a fairly random question , one that is orthogonal to anything they would be doing at Palantir.
  • I then watch how they disaggregate the question , if they appreciate how many different ways there are to see the same thing.
  • I like to keep interviews short, about 10 minutes . Otherwise, people move into their learned responses and you don’t get a sense of who they really are.

Karp is CEO of Palantir Technologies, which mines data for intelligence and law enforcement communities.

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