What's the most difficult thing about being you?

What’s the most difficult thing about being you?


  • I struggle with linear lines of argument
  • I can’t focus well (look at my scattered answers on Quora)
  • Not understanding why people don’t understand
  • Feeling alone with my scattered thoughts at times
  • Being massively extroverted but at the same time feeling alone
  • Struggling to understand what empathy is until it’s too late
  • Burning bridges too hastily and then spending more time trying to build them back
  • Never finishing anything. I have a graveyard of ‘unfinished businesses’ online. Here’s one.


  • Having obsessions
    • Covering my body in tattoos (2 sleeves + more)
    • Ruining my knees through running (18 marathons)
    • Being advised to do endurance sports by my various therapists else I’d end up being a drug addict (3 ultramarathons. 2 ironmen)
    • Obsessing in general
    • Messaging the same person like 50 times a day. Real turn off for most


It’s not so bad :stuck_out_tongue:
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