When was the last time you made a stranger's day?

When was the last time you made a stranger’s day?

My Costa Coffee experience about 10 days ago:

I walk into Costa Coffee to grab a Cafe Mocha.

The clearly new guy prepares my coffee. I watch with interest.

When he adds the milk he spills it slightly. He rushes to get a towel and then when wiping the milk spills more coffee from the cup.

He blushes, embarrassed and nervously apologises. I’m not the only person in the queue. 5 people watch on; eager to ‘get in, get served and get out’.

It’s 7.34am in the morning.

He says : ‘I’m sorry that’ll be £2.80 please!’

I look at him and smile

Me : ‘Awesome - we got there in the end!’

He laughs slightly.

Me : ‘What’s your name?’

Him : ‘Sam’

Me : ‘Hey Sam my name’s Deepak’

I lean over to shake his hand. His palm is sweaty.

Me : ‘Sam don’t worry - I’m sure the coffee will be great and even if it isn’t who cares? I think you’re doing an amazing job and remember - everyone in this queue had ‘their first day’ once upon a time as well.’

I give him a £5 note and walk away as he smiles.

Without looking back I call out ‘the change is for you buddy!’ Keep going!’

I leave the coffee shop.

transcribed from last time i made the day of a stranger