Where can I find a good team for my Start Up?

I have a good idea for a Start Up, but where can I find a good team for my Start Up?

  • Build out as much as the business BEFORE you even begin looking for anyone

    • Once you’ve built something as best as you can - you will subsequently INCREASE the quality of the people that are interested in working with you.
  • Once you’ve done this build a slide-deck that’ll work as a pitching deck to other potential business partners

  • Highlight your skill set - tech/sales/operations

  • Google ‘Co-Founder websites’

    • You’ll find a load. One such one is Founder2be and CoFoundersLab
    • I’ve used freelancing sites using a ‘project’ to find people with my exact required skillset. This is VERY effective at finding someone with specific skills
  • Classified ad sites, friends, family, meetup events, networking events, personal network etc

  • Use the pitch deck to explain the proposition

If you follow this guide you WILL find someone.

transcribed from finding a good start up team