Who is the most unlikely person you know that became successful?

Who is the most unlikely person you know that became successful?

My uncle arrived into the UK at 7 years old.

By the time he was 18 years old he was in an arranged marriage with a woman from India that didn’t speak a word of English and was without qualifications.

By the age of 21 he had three kids with her. This life wasn’t exactly part of his plans.

Can you imagine someone who is basically English born and raised then having this type of arrangement?

My uncle struggled with this - and their relationship was tempestuous to say the least. He worked at Heathrow Airport, as a delivery man at Pizza Hut, in manual labour - before he got ad admin job at an Advertising Agency .

He also tried to start a printing company and his partner ripped him off and he lost £15,000 in the process.

It wasn’t the easiest of times.

I say it with pride then when I interviewed him for a satellite TV channel 2 years ago about his story. He decided to set up again and start another company with his friend.

Just after his HOUSE BURNT DOWN; and he had no income and just savings and his three kids.

That company went on to employ 15 people and do £2 million per year and my Uncle now has a property portfolio with 20+ houses. He did it all from scratch.

No one saw how much he would achieve given where he came from with his arranged marriage at 18 and 2:2 in Business Studies at Leeds university, as he worked as a Pizza Delivery Boy to make ends meet.

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