Why am I gradually becoming an evil deep inside my mind?

Why am I gradually becoming an evil deep inside my mind

I can identify. I have seen violence, death and emotional repression in my family. And it came out in the form of anger and violence with people I was close to. You can recover from this.

"I had gone through some extremely hard time and mental trauma when I didn’t get anyone’s support (Family, Friends)

Here is where your problems started. I won’t be naive as to offer you a ‘cure’ in one answer. But it’s true that only YOU can change your life .

It seems you’re already reaching out for help.

Keep reaching it’s a valiant and wonderful thing to do. Here are some other areas in which you can perhaps reach:

  • Google ‘coping with violent thoughts’
  • Google ‘coping with repression’
  • Look up ‘anger management’
  • Reach out to local charitable services for help with this
  • Reach out to 24 hour hotlines that help anyone who is at risk of suicide/death
    • Because whilst this is NOT YOU - they will know where you can get the best help
  • Contact your docter to get a therapist referral
  • Contact some therapists privately (if you have budget for this)

If you keep searching for answers. Eventually you will find one’s that work for you I promise. It took me some years. But I did in the end :stuck_out_tongue:


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