Why arn't VCs/Angels interested in my Start Up?

I have a highly profitable, bootstrapped start up. I want to gain investor interest though. Why is there little to no interest in my business though?

Don’t worry about what is missing. Focus on what you’re doing right and double down upon it.

Take your $600k and turn it into $1 million revenue.

If you focus internally upon building the business the rest really will follow

If you’re too restless to ‘JUST BUILD THE BUSINESS’ (Be the tortoise. Not the hare).

Also do this:

  1. Hire a business/econ/anything major from a top university for a 3-month internship

  2. If possible hire someone who has a background in writing applications

  3. Ask them to analyse your method of approaching investors with all the latest ‘advice’ that exists online

  4. Work out where the inconsistencies are - iron out the inconsistencies

  5. Have the intern approach people that have previously raised at similar levels

  6. Get more advice

(Meanwhile you’re turning $600 into $1 million)

Approach investors again with your new improved strategy and increased revenue

The rest should sort itself out :stuck_out_tongue:

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