Why is Google so successful?

Google is a massive company. Why is Google so successful though?

  • The Google algorithm is smarter than others
    • Don’t believe? Run similar searches upon all others search engines
  • The homepage was reductive it focussed HUGELY on simplicity
    • Bing STILL have a distracting photo…
  • Google Adsense changed the game. It opened up Google to small businesses world wide and still accounts for 95%+ of their revenue
  • Google Page Rank was a game changer for search as well
  • The distribution model > Chromebook; Google Phones; Google Maps. All it’s loss leader businesses (not all of them are) to make the company ubiquitous in our lives
  • Their freemium model reinforces reliance upon them. Helping their ad-revenue model. Gmail, maps, storage, photos etc

transcribed from why google is successful