Will it be inappropriate if I start to use "Fallout"-style CV?

Will it be inappropriate if I start to use “Fallout”-style CV?



I must confess, when I saw that I was asked to answer this question I did chuckle :). Thank you first of all Jakub for asking me to answer this! It’s put a big smile on my face.

More practically however, I would say that whilst there may be some recruiters out there who would appreciate your ingenuity, this would be the exception rather than the rule.

It would only be under very specific circumstances where resonate like this would be deemed to be acceptable and as some of the other answers are referred to this would be almost certainly in a gaming or creative specific industry and even at that within a specific niche.

What I will say is that you are clearly a creative person and I do hope that by using a more standard CV you were allowing creativity to shine in interview rather than on paper at least in resume format.

so the standards staff in terms of for that, i.e. layout work experience qualifications education and so on and so forth would be what you need to go for.

Regardless you made me smile man! I wish you the best of luck!

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