Would you choose to invest in Apple or Google?

Investing in a tech company can be a great addition to a portfolio. Between Apple and Google, what would you choose?


  • Google are ubiquitous
    • Search
    • Android
    • Gmail/Chrome
  • There is no competitor in site for search
    • Bing?
    • Yahoo?
    • Ask?
    • …?
  • So what if search is 90%+ of their revenue?
    • They have a distribution machine with their spread/reach that’s unparalleled
  • 3 million applications annually. 7k places. They hire only the best of the best
    • It’s 10x harder to get a job at Google than GOLDMAN SACHS

Apple . Well…

  • Massively rich yes!


  • One trick pony? Iphone…ahem…market saturation…ahem…
  • Inward looking software platform?
  • One new launch away from plummeting?
  • Can’t compete with Google’s reach
  • DON’T get access to the best of the best. They’re all busy trying to get into Google

As taken from Apple or Google?